Grievous Lady

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目前Arcaea中唯一一个FTR 10,是劲爆魔王曲。*2018.07.16,唯二



Grievous Lady

Songs GL.jpg Grievous Lady
编曲 Team Grimoire vs Laur
收录曲包 Vicious Labyrinth
难度 [Past] [Present] [Future]
等级 6 9 10
note数量 956 1194 1450
note编写 迷路第一層 迷路第二層 迷路深層
时长 2:21
BPM 210
更新时间 v1.5.0



  • 目前贴吧的看法是在双蛇休息段之前Lost数小于当前Tairitsu的等级数(离线下则必须全连)
  • 但也已经有人在PRS钢琴前奏段故意全Lost的情况下正常进入,因此有理论认为是双蛇段前血量大于等于(60-Tairitsu等级数)。


  • 需要通过游玩Axium Crisis来解锁Grievous Lady。
  • 在游玩时需使用对立为搭档。


  • 进入Grievous Lady后,游戏将自动进入HARD模式。回忆率槽会转为一个拥有 100HP 的血槽,每流失(LOST)一个 note 血槽会减 9HP,当HP为0后,自动 Track Lost。



在符合以上先决条件时,游玩Axium Crisis的PST难度时达到下列条件后,游戏会被强制转入Grievous Lady(PST)。然而也有报告(日语)表明在以下条件达成时并没有被强制转入Grievous Lady,似乎解锁还要「看脸」。

  • 在双蛇休息段(大约在第423、424个note处)之前回忆率达到90%以上。
  • Clear后即可解锁PST难度的Grievous Lady。
  • 若中途 Track Lost,则会根据游玩进度/水平获得10~35%不等的解锁进度。解锁进度达到 100% 后即可解锁 PST 难度的Grievous Lady。



在符合以上先决条件时,游玩Axium Crisis的PRS难度时达到下列条件后,游戏会被强制转入Grievous Lady(PRS)。然而也有报告(日语)表明在以下条件达成时并没有被强制转入Grievous Lady,似乎解锁还要「看脸」。

  • 在双蛇休息段(大约在第609、610个note处)之前回忆率达到一定数值以上(之前有表示 90%)。
  • 有报告表明如果对立的等级高的话,强制转入Grievous Lady(PRS)所需的回忆率可能会减少。
  • Clear后即可解锁PRS难度的Grievous Lady。
  • 若中途 Track Lost,则会根据游玩进度/水平获得5~23%不等的解锁进度。解锁进度达到100%后即可解锁PRS难度的Grievous Lady。



在符合以上先决条件时,游玩Axium Crisis的FTR难度时达到下列条件后,游戏会被强制转入Grievous Lady(FTR)。

  • 在游玩时需使用Lv6以上的对立为搭档。
  • 在双蛇休息段(大约在第712、713个note处)之前,回忆率需要达到下表所示的数值(仍需验证)。
对立等级 出现 未出现 验证报告
7 100%


8 87% 79% トピック#22
9 76%、78% 70% Twitter
9 75% トピック#39
10 70% トピック#34
11 65% トピック#53
12 55% トピック#35
12 61%以上 49% トピック#27
12 60%、63% 57% トピック#43
13 58%以下 Twitter
15 50%以下 トピック#33
16 44% 39% トピック#41
16 40% トピック#88
17 35% 34% コメント
17 30% コメント
18 27% コメント
19 25% トピック#91
20 20%左右 コメント
20 20% コメント
  • 报告表明,全部以 4,400,000 左右的分数中途 Track Lost 的情况下,有32次解锁了3%,2次解锁了2%,在34次游玩后达成 100% 解锁。
    • v1.7.0更新后解锁进度下限提升至5%(照顾新人的设计)
  • Clear后即可直接解锁FTR难度的Grievous Lady。
  • 若中途 Track Lost,则会根据游玩进度/水平获得5~15%不等的解锁进度。解锁进度达到100%后即可解锁FTR难度的Grievous Lady。


  • FTR难度最开始的地方包含和PRAGMATISMSheriruth类似部分,然而在210的BPM下仍然十分可怕
  • FTR中部有两个隐藏note,请查看该谱面确认视频。



• Past

Perhaps she should have worried, because her heart was suddenly in pain.

She drew back, covered her mouth, and her eyes went wide in confusion. She had been standing on the floor of a gigantic and bitter maze that doubled as a tower, but she now began to fall to her knees. Before she hit the ground, the structure began to break and fall first.

The memories of sorrowful days that she had gathered came around her like a cloak, the tower's memories turned from a falling slow rain into a downpour. She and the maze fell like stones, and although she should have been terrified to drop so far and so fast, all she could feel was confusion.

She splashed down into a sea of the fragmented happiness of other worlds. The waves she and the crashing labyrinth caused were immense. Glass pushed against glass in a way that could be described as both ugly and beautiful, and she knelt at the center of that storm.

She was confused because she was hurting. Everything hurt. Her heart was bursting. The cloak of memories that she'd collected turned into a grotesque sphere and surrounded her. The world of white disappeared from her vision, leaving only horrible things. Heaving, sweating, and trembling, she looked into the glass, into the Arcaea, deeply. And as she came to realize that her heart was breaking,

That her sanity was breaking,

The memory of the end of the world that she'd seen earlier slowly drifted into view.

• Present

The girl had felt many emotions since her waking into the white and ruined world. Mostly, she'd felt anger, but she'd been able to turn that anger into a strange sort of hope. True, she didn't have much of a plan. In fact, she was only walking forward because she believed at the end of her steps there would be something good. She had hope. She was certain that this chaos was leading into light. She was certain that the torments she was facing, that the horrors she was holding, could be completely shattered.

Yes, she was emotional. She felt so strongly that when faced with the idea that no, in fact, nothing had a purpose...she began to suffer.

The cruelest fate is to have hope and see it crushed before your eyes. And so the girl sat on her knees in a malformed circle of death, looking at a world coming to its end. This was the first time she had felt the emotion of sadness, and it was quickly turning into despair.The world of Arcaea was a pointless world. It was the manifestation of worlds gone. It had no substance, only the reflections of such. Even the glowing and joyful memories she had sometimes encountered on her way were still only memories of the past. Like night comes after day, they had to have led into the end she now saw spinning slowly in the air before her. Her eyes welled with tears.

She had felt so much since waking up.

She'd felt joy. Joy left her.

She'd felt felt fear. Fear left her.

Anger left her.

Hope left her.

Even sadness and despair now left her.

Her eyes went dark and she could feel resonance with the glass. The shell of memories around her began to crack and split open. She emerged from it and stood in the blinding light, and couldn't feel anything at all.

• Future

Like an ocean stained with oil, the memories of a cursed labyrinth and the memories she had brought with her all fell and muddled into the soothing glass around her. Most of them churned into a gray mass, some would suddenly jut up from the ground like spikes. She went still, and slowly looked over every shard, just...counting them. Even when memories came shooting up sharply near her eyes, she continued to count.

Eventually she lifted a finger, beckoning some of the shards toward her. And, with a simple thought, the fragments came together in the shape of a fragile butterfly. She commanded it into the sky, to reflect the world of white, and when it came down again to tell her what it had seen, with a simple thought she slowly tore off each of its wings, and let it fall into nothing. Then, she walked forward from the corrupted sea, willing each pillar of lost time that entered her path to explode and shatter.


Time passed. She changed.

She no longer sought to collect memories. She walked through the world mostly absently. She discovered things about it and about herself, but she had no ambitions.

Now she walked beside an old and crumbling building, twirling a parasol she had found in the ruins some day. Silently, a creature formed of glass reflecting bitter days glided down toward her from the sky. It resembled a glistening and jagged crow, and it was something she considered no more than a tool. After that day at the now-fallen tower, she'd become more in-tune with the chaotic Arcaea and was able to call upon things like this. In its own way, it whispered to her of places beyond her reach in the blinding white world. Glaring at it, she had it burst and fall apart, and she moved on.

These crows of hers sickened her with news. The world was empty, that's all they said. That she knew. She'd never find anyone else here.

She wanted to. She needed to. But, it was not because she hoped to have someone to share her fate with.

She needed to let this frustration out on something alive. She needed someone to hurt.




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